Walks  Programme



Walk Gradings




S  -  Up to 10 km

1 to 3  - Graded track or open terrain. No scrub

1 to 3  - Easy, suitable for beginners

M  -  Up to 15 km

4 to 7  - Bush. Minor scrub, rainforest,rock,creek,rock-hopping, scrambling.

4 to 7  - Medium, reasonable fitness required.

L  -  Up to 20 km

8 to 9  - Bush.  As above + thick scrub, major rocks, scrambling using hands, technical.

8 to 9  - Hard, strenuous.

Fit walkers only.

X  -  Over 20 km

Activity Type

Daywalk  DW       Basecamp  BC      Throughwalk  TW       Social  SOC      Rogaine  ROG

Safety & Training   S&T       Federation   FED       Federation Mountain Rescue   FMR

COVID 19 Requirements: It is very important to abide by the COVID 19 Requirements which means you should not take part in the walks on this day if you are showing any of the symptoms of COVID 19.  This includes fever, a cough, tiredness, shortness of breath, sore throat, headache and other symptoms which can be found on the Qld Govt site: 

Walks Program  April - May  2021

DW Saturday 17 April 2021  Mount Gannon 

Grade: M 4 5 

Leader: Neil Douglas   

Water: about 1½ litres 

Mt. Gannon is a small mountain between  Bally Mountain and Springbrook, and as far  as I know the Club hasn’t been there before.  There are no real views from the actual  summit, but I’m told that 400 m west of the summit there’s a rock outcrop with good  views. 

The walk will start from the end of the public  part of Bonogin Road (same place as Bally  Mountain). From there we’ll head into the  Bonogin Conservation Park and soon leave  the closed part of Bonogin Road to head up a  steep fire trail to meet another one on the top  of the range. This is followed south along the undulating crest to eventually reach the foot  of Mt. Gannon. From here a foot pad heads  up mainly through rainforest to the summit. On the recce it looked as if the pad continued  to the rock outcrop. 

The return will initially be the same way but  then we’ll head down a different fire trail into  what used to be an old horse-riding resort,  then down the valley back to the cars. For  those interested there can be a stop at a  quaint little café a short drive back along the  road. 

Safety and Training Day (Half Day) Sunday  18 April 2021 

First Aid Essentials in a contactless world  - Skill session for members who have  completed first aid days on 11th April 2021  and 8th November 2020 

Please ensure you abide by the BOSQ  COVID safety plan during this activity. 

Grade: S11 (this session will involve  physical skill work) 

Max number: 8 (COVID restricted) 

Leader: Tom Bor 

Email - 

Meet: 8am - Stockyard Creek,  Brisbane Koala Bushland,  Alperton Rd, Burbank.  

We will utilize a large open,  sheltered complex. Please  bring your own camping chair to maintain social distancing.  Toilets are on site. Tank water  is available but must be boiled or sterilized chemically before  

use. Bring your own water. 

Directions: Travel east on Mt Cotton Rd  and turn right into Alperton Rd  and it’s just 1 km on the left.  

(Easily found on Google Maps

Duration: 8am till around 12noon (max) 

Bring: A camping chair, morning tea,  water, lunch (optional), and pen,  notebook, snake bite bandages  (Seto/ Aeroform etc.) and your first aid kits. Bring enough equipment so you can make up a snake-bite kit, a wound kit and  a trauma (bleeding) kit. Don’t  forget to bring gloves, sanitizer and a mask for emergencies. 

Aim of session: This half day session is an  opportunity to practice 3 individual skills you  revised previously and to revise CPR. The  previous session did not allow for any skill  work. 

Content: The focus will be on practicing three  individual skills and revising CPR. 

• Snake bite interventions 

• Wound care 

• Bleeding interventions 

BC Monday 19 – Friday 23 April 2021 Solitary Islands Coastal Walk Base Camp  

Leader: Neil Gray  

Meet Monday: MBHP Camp Kitchen 5pm 

Camping: Moonee Beach Holiday Park  (Reflections) Ph: 0266536552 

Grade (Daily): L44 

Number limit: Min 4 (2 cars), Max 20 (12  Nominated) 

Details: The Solitary Islands Coastal Walk is  a long-distance walking route along the  

coastline of Northern NSW from Red Rock in  the north to Sawtell in the south covering a  distance of around 60km. Offering walking  along the fine beaches of the area from  headland to headland, tracks are only present  at the end of beach sections. The headlands  at the end of each beach are great walking  offering excellent views and scenery, plus  opportunities for wildlife and bird spotting. 

 As it is not NSW school holidays during this  period, I am expecting that it should be  relatively quiet in the area. The basecamp  will be situated at the Moonee Beach Holiday  Park (A Reflections Park), phone number  provided above. There is great on-site  accommodation there (booked out), as well  as level powered sites and basic camping. A  campers’ kitchen of some size is available to  us for nightly gatherings and planning  meetings. Nominate to Neil, but members  need to book their own accommodation as  April approaches. It is possible to pay a  deposit of 1 night’s payment to secure a site. There is another Big 4 holiday park up the  road if any late nominating member needs  another option. 

 Being early autumn, the ocean temperature  should provide the opportunity for a swim  now and then. The days should be mild to  warm. Also being quarter moon, the tides are  favorable for beach walking and creek  crossings each day. Moonee Creek also  offers a great paddling venue if you bring a  kayak. 

 Monday and Friday will be designated travel  days, with walking occurring on the other 3  days. The exact walk plan is: 

 Tuesday – Moonee Beach to Woolgoolga,  17.1 km (Low tide at 8.32 for the creek  crossing) 

 Wednesday – Moonee Beach to Park Beach  (Coffs), 15 km (Low tide at 9.42 for rocks  bypass) 

 Thursday – Park Beach to Bonville  Headland (Sawtell), 12,4 km 

 Friday – (on way home), Arrawarra  Headland to Woolgoolga, 8.3 km (optional)

The trip can only go ahead if the border is  open and there is not any immediate chance  of it closing. 

(Currently borders are open and there is still  space on this trip, see the link below for  excellent information on the walk.) 

SICW_OnlineBrouchure_Interactive_A4.pdf  ( 

DW Saturday 24 April 2021 Bushrangers Caves and Wagawn 

Grade: M 5 5 

Leader: Heather Buchanan 

Water: 2L min 

Fuel: $8 from hall 

This walk starts on the Qld/NSW border and  follows the border fence up to Bushrangers  Caves. From the Caves, we follow a rough,  and often steep, footpad to Wagawn Lkt  which is located on the graded track system  in Lamington NP. The climb is strenuous in  parts with some rock scrambling. For the  return journey, we simply re-trace our steps  back down to the valley. No pre-outing has  been possible as yet so am unsure of current  conditions but do expect it to be muddy as  that part of the world has had huge rainfalls in  recent times. Do bring gaiters and gloves and  all the usual D/W essentials. Please nominate  by Thursday 22 April. 


SOC - Social dinner and optional walk  Wednesday 28 April 2021 

(Note 8 days later than usual because of  Solitary Islands outing and Committee  meeting.) 

Venue: Next Door Kitchen & Bar, Shop  B11 Little Stanley Street, Southbank 

Organiser: Neil Douglas 

Nominate: By p.m. 27 April 

Meet: (a) for the walk - 6.00 p.m.  southern end Goodwill Bridge 

(b) for dinner only – 6.45 p.m.  

outside restaurant 

Public transport: South Brisbane Station or  Cultural Centre Bus Station; parking stations  close by. 

 This is a new venue for the club described  as “modern Australian cuisine”. Pasta mains  $24-27, non-pasta mains $23-30. Entrees,  desserts, and coffee also available. 

 For those interested, there will be a twilight  walk above and below the Kangaroo Point  cliffs beforehand, max. 45 minutes. 

DW Thursday 29 April 2021 D’Aguilar Range 

Grade: M 3 4 

Distance: Approx. 12km 

Leader: Brenda Keough 

Meet: 8am, John Scott Park, park in  Station Rd, Samford. 

Water: 2L 

This day will be a combination of two lovely  walks, namely Manorina and Greenes Falls.  There is a 20mins drive from Samford to the  Manorina carpark located at 2283 Mt Nebo  

Road, Mt Nebo. This 7km return walk will  start out on the Atrax circuit and then link up  with the Morelia walking track. Enjoy seeing a  range of lush landscapes and views across  the Samford valley, to Mt Temptest and  Moreton Bay. 

A very short drive takes us to the morning  tea spot at Maiala day use area on Mt  Glorious Road where there are many picnic  tables and shelters plus toilets. After  refreshing, we head down the slope to the  flourishing rainforest. Listen for the varied  birdsongs. Look for the pademelons. Greenes  Falls track, including the Rainforest circuit, is  approximately 5km return. Lunch will be back  at Maiala. Then a 20min drive back to  Samford where there is a choice of cafes for  coffee if desired.


DW Saturday 1 May 2021 Tallebudgera Creek – Burleigh using  public transport 

Grade: S 2 2 

Leader: Neil Douglas 

Tel: 3349 1949 

Meet: Altandi station 7.50 a.m. for  7.57 Gold Coast train (can also join this train at Central 7.29 a.m. and at some other stations  

– see timetable. Note no trackworks scheduled for this  day). 

 An outing avoiding long weekend traffic. We’ll take the train to Helensvale then  connect with a tram to Broadbeach South,  and from there take a 756 bus to West  Burleigh to start our walk. We use tracks that  take us past Fleays Sanctuary then mostly  along Tallebudgera Creek to the Gold Coast  Highway Bridge. Then we walk through  Burleigh National Park (choice of tracks) to  Burleigh for a refreshment stop. From  Burleigh we take a bus back to Broadbeach  South. 

 At this point people can leave to do their  own thing, but for those interested we’ll take a  tram to Surfers Paradise and have lunch  there. Some eateries there, such as Costa  d’Oro, have good value lunch specials. Another tram and train will get us back to  Brisbane. 

DW Mon 3 May 2021 (Labour Day) Hardings Paddock – Flinders Plum via Mt.  Goolman 

Grade: M 4 5 

Leader: Neil Douglas 

Petrol: $10 ex Goodna 

Water: about 1½ litres 

A walk avoiding crowded end-of-long weekend roads. Basically, we’ll follow the  management trail that runs from Hardings  Paddock to Flinders Plum, with some side  trips on the way. The first detour will be on a  walking track up Goolman Lookout, which  has good views south to Mt. Goolman and  Ivorys Rock. Further on is the climb up Mt.  Goolman itself on a faint foot pad – gaiters  recommended but not essential. There are  no 360° views from the top, but views at  various angles are available from different  points. The main trail continues south  basically following the low range that joins Mt.  Goolman to the Flinders Peak area. At a high  point near the shoulder of Mt. Blaine we may  do a short off-track climb up a small peak. The main trail from here then descends to  Flinders Plum, with a sidetrack to a lookout  with good views across to Flinders Peak. 

BC Friday 7 May - Sunday 9 May 2021 O'Reilly's (Green Mountains) Campground Lamington National Park 

Leader: Lynne Skaines 

 This proposed camp is to facilitate a  weekend of walking at Lamington National  Park without the need to return to Brisbane  after day 1. The campground which has been  recently refurbished offers safari tent,  powered and unpowered campervan/trailer  sites and unpowered tent sites. O'Reilly's also  offers separate resort style accommodation.  The tent sites which are expensive at $40 (for  basecamp sites) or $50 (for altitude sites) are  for up to 4 people. I have booked a  basecamp site for 2 nights for sharing with up  to 3 others with small tents, New amenities  block with hot showers has been constructed  along with a "luxury" camp kitchen area with  stunning views overlooking McPherson  Range. Large camp kitchen contains 2 x gas  BBQ plates, gas cooktop, microwave, toaster,  fridge, hot water dispenser. You need own  cooking tools, utensils, cutlery & crockery.  Meals and drinks are available with free  delivery from the Retreat Dining Room. There  is a communal fire pit - bring own firewood or  it can be purchased there.

Information/bookings at or phone 1800 688 722 

 The proposed weekend walks can be done  as Day Walks. 

DW Saturday 8 May 2021 Western Cliffs via Historic Forestry Camp 

Grade: M 4 3 

Leader: Lynne Skaines 

Water: 2 litres minimum 

 After departing on the Border Track, we take  a short sidetrack to the site of an old forestry  camp where the remnant buildings can be  seen along with interpretive signage of the  interesting history. 

 Footpads then take us to the cliffs and  Lyrebird Lookout, Orchid Grotto, Moonlight  Crag, and a lunch stop at Morans Falls with  further possible options before a return to the  carpark via the Wishing Tree Track. This walk  is considered "off track" but on a well-worn  footpad and is mainly through rainforest. 

DW Sunday 9 May 2021 The Bluffs 

Grade: M 4 3 

Leader: Lynne Skaines 

Water: 2 litres minimum 

 We will make our way to Luke's Farm via  track and some road walking. A lovely walk  through pasture grass and cow paddock to  Lukes Bluff for the wonderful views across  the valley. We will make our way "off track"  but on well-worn footpads along the  

escarpment of Horseshoe Bluff, Raining Cliff  to Pats Bluff. The walk then proceeds through  an area of lovely rainforest to Python Rock  Lookout and to Morans Falls (completing our  Western Cliffs walk of yesterday). Graded  track will then take us up the hill to return to  the car park. A relatively gentle, scenic walk  with great views. 

Tuesday 11 May 2021 

Meeting at 7.30pm 

Little Kings Hall, Cnr O’Keefe & Carl  streets, Buranda 

CovidSafe supper will be provided


DW Saturday 15 May 2021 Montserrat 

Grade: S 4 5 

Leader: Will Taylor 

Requirements: Water - min 2 litres,  Sunscreen, Gloves and  

Poles (if you have them) 

The walk will only be able to go ahead if  there are sufficient people (who own four wheel drive vehicles) that are willing to  transport other walkers the four or five  kilometers from the Mt May campsite up to  Cleared Ridge. This is a steep and dusty  track that would make the walk very  challenging if the walkers had to walk this  part of the trip and then back down again at  the end of the hike. Walking up and back  down from Cleared Ridge would also add  around three hours to the walk. 

 The bushwalk will commence at Cleared  Ridge and will follow a steep grassy downhill  track till we reach Yamahra creek at the  bottom. We will avoid a large swampy pool  and turn left at an old Farmhouse. We will  then walk approximately three kilometres up  a relatively steep grassed track until we reach  Montserrat Lookout which sits at an elevation  of 1,013 meters.

 This will give arguably the best and closest  views of Mt Barney and Mt Maroon, so make  sure you bring your camera or mobile phone. After an early lunch, we will retrace our steps  

back to the four wheel drive vehicles at  Cleared ridge. The total ascent that we will  walk on the day is approximately 500 metres  so it will not be too strenuous. 

 Feel free to call me if you have any queries  about the walk. Remember, this will be one  of the best mountain views you will see in  south-east Queensland. 

**Advance notices** EXT 4/11 September 2021  Flinders Ranges 

Leader: Neil Douglas 

Tel: 3349 1949 

Number limit: 10 (currently 8 nominations + 2   EOIs – can waitlist) 

Meet: Adelaide airport 12.30 p.m. 4/9  This is the proposed itinerary: 

4/9 – Meet Adelaide airport, drive to Port  Pirie. 

5-6/9 – Mt. Remarkable NP: Either an  optional 2-day TW up Battery Ridge to  Eaglehawk Dam campsite and down Alligator  Gorge, or 2 DWs (Hidden Gorge, the Mt.  Remarkable circuit and Alligator Gorge are  recommended). (On the Sunday, any  interested daywalkers could do a morning trip  on the Pichi Richi steam railway from Quorn  to Woolshed Flat and back, then the half day  Waukarie Creek track from Woolshed Flat in  the afternoon.) 

7/9 – Mainly a travelling day to Wilpena  Pound with possible short walks. 

8-9/9 – Day and half day walks in the Wilpena  and adjacent areas, part of the time using  vehicles at either end of a track to walk  opposite directions e.g. Wilcolo Track (part of  Heysen Trail) between Wilpena and  Bunyeroo Gorge, part of Trezona Hike  (Brachina Gorge area), Red Hill Lookout  and/or Yuluna Hike (Aroona area – Heysen  Trail and Heysen inspiration area). 

10/9 – Drive from Wilpena to Port Pirie doing  a walk in the Quorn area, most likely Devil’s  Peak. 

11/9 – Drive to Adelaide airport. 

 We’ll stay in caravan parks except for the 3  nights at Wilpena, which will be camping, and  1 night on the optional throughwalk. 

Mini-EXT 7/11 November 2021 NSW Central Coast 

Leader: Neil Douglas 

Tel: 3349 1949 

 This outing had to be postponed from March  because of flooding in the Sydney and  Newcastle areas. It will follow the same  itinerary. Additional nominations welcome. 

EXT 27 November/4 December 2021 Grampians 

Leader: Neil Douglas 

Tel: 3349 1949 

Expressions of interest requested. 

 This outing is now being contemplated for  the week after the one originally proposed  because the Gosford outing is now being held  early in November. 

 I would like expressions of interest now so I  can get an idea of whether it would be  worthwhile going ahead and planning this  outing. 

 The idea would be to fly to Melbourne and  then drive to the Grampians, staying in the  caravan park at Halls Gap. There would be  walks each day in the national park and  adjacent areas, with the daily choice being  determined partly by the weather.



DW – Daywalk           BC – Basecamp           TW – Throughwalk           SOC – Social        S&T – Safety & Training

GTW – Graded Track Walk         ACC – Accommodated weekend           OS – Outings sec. to confirm leader

New or Potential Members and Guests are asked to come along to our monthly meeting and say Hi.     You can then discuss the walk with the Leader and nominate for your preferred walk, or social event.

Existing Members:-  If you are interested in nominating to come along to a walk or social event please contact the relevant Leader, preferably by the Tuesday night prior to the walk or social.