Welcome to our walking club.

Bushwalkers of Southern Queensland Inc. (BOSQ) is one of the oldest bushwalking clubs in south-east Queensland. 

If you have an interest in walking with a club as a safe and healthy recreational activity, we壇 love to meet you.

Please see our monthly Walks Programme web page for a detailed Walk & Social guide for the upcoming month.  

















Club Meetings:
Club Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, starting at 7.30pm. We meet at the Little Kings Movement Hall, at the corner of O'Keefe and Carl Streets, Buranda.


New Members and Guests are asked to come along to our monthly meeting and say Hi.     You can then nominate for your preferred walk, or social event.

To assist visitors or potential members, our club has a wide range of walks, to cater for different fitness levels and experience.

We usually like to welcome you with an "easier" type of walk, so that you can feel at ease and get to know us.

There are a combination of Graded Track walks, Off Track walks, Half Day social walks held on a monthly basis as well as Base Camp" weekends and "Through Walks".






Late changes in proposed walks

DW Sun 20 May    Mt Blaine 
Grade: M 6 5 
Leader: Euey Mangan,  
Meet: 8am Flinders Plum Carpark. 
Turn left just before Peak Crossing at Mt Flinders Road. Follow bitumen until you reach dirt road, continue for 3km until you reach the car park. The dirt road has some minor creek crossings, blind corners and is narrow in sections. If the car park is full, continue around and park on the grass. 

Water: 2 litres 
Mt Blaine is just to the north of Flinders Peak. The walk's only about 5km, but there is some scrambling and scrub near the summit, so I'd recommend gaiters and gloves. There are 360deg views from the summit of Blaine of Flinders Peak, Fassifern Valley, Springfield and Brisbane City. We'll descend via a different track, which is very steep, but because of the short distance we have plenty of time to negotiate it.

DW Sat 9 June Mt. Ernest ridge from Cronan Creek exploratory

Grade: M 5 5 (estimated)

Leader:  Neil Douglas

Meet:   7.00 a.m. Sunnybank station (south carpark)

Petrol: $20 ex Sunnybank

Water: about 1 litres 

This walk was originally going to be another attempt to walk from the Lindesay border gate (Collins Gap) along the border, out along the Ernest ridge and down to Cronan Creek (which was on the programme last year but was curtailed to a walk along the border ridge when the Mt. Ernest ridge was found to be horrendously scungy on a recce). 

However, all the Mt. Ernest ridge was burnt in a bushfire last July and much or all of the scunge was burnt out.  It had therefore been hoped to put on the original walk this winter, but circumstances have meant that I will not be able to do a recce by the due date. 

This modified walk is therefore offered as an exploratory outing, and will hopefully serve as a recce for the original walk at a later date. 

We値l start from Yellowpinch and walk in along the old road up Cronan Creek.  At the base of the easy ascent ridge up to the Mt. Ernest ridge, or thereabouts, we値l hopefully find that the fire has burnt out the lantana and other scunge or at least that there値l be a hole in it that we can get through.

If so, we値l head up this ridge (which should be fairly easy going once above the creek as it will definitely have been burnt, and there are no technical difficulties).  Once on the main Ernest ridge we値l explore along it in each direction west to the rainforest boundary if scunge permits, and east to above the 徹rgan Pipes near Mt. Ernest.  Expect spectacular views of the southern side of Barney and other peaks.  Return will be the same way.

If the worst comes to the worst and the scunge at the base of the climb is too bad, we値l instead go to Cronans Falls and visit both the base and the top.

As this is an exploratory walk it痴 only for experienced walkers. 

The walks planned for 16 and 30 June will now be swapped around:   
Saturday 16 June  DW Stradbroke Island by Alison Horsley
Saturday 30 June  DW Somerset Trail by Bronwyn Menkens


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